Neighbourhood map for schools in Luzern

When you move to Luzern your children will go to schools according to the neighbourhood you reside in. Perhaps you want to move to an area where there is a school you have heard positive things about but are not sure of where the district is in Luzern. Here you can find some information about the Luzern neighbourhoods.

The postcodes in Luzern are: 6000, 6003, 6004, 6005, 6006, 6014 and 6015. Check the postcode of a particular school and enter on this map and it will show an outline of the area:

Living In Swiss have searched high and low and found a basic map of the districts in Luzern that could help for an overview but no luck yet with a map or graphic that also shows the postcode areas. Even the Post said they didn’t have one.🤷‍♀️

Luzern districts

Some information on schools in Luzern:

Children new to Luzern who are in third class and above generally go to Schulhaus Säli-Steinhof for an intensive German language program. Children younger than this age group will go directly to the local school in their neighbourhood. Here you can find information about integration into the Swiss school system. Here you can find information specifically for the school system and schools in Luzern in German.

Another discussion is whether to send your children to a local public school or an international school. Here are some articles on the pros and cons of both: International versus local schools in Switzerland: what you need to know,  Swiss Schools vs. International Schools and International Schools: A Closer Look.

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