#MyLuzern – stories to tell

We are proud to announce the upcoming launch of our community project #myluzern.

It’s time to know the best places to go to, the hidden spaces to discover, experience adventures in the city and get to know:

#PeopleofLuzern: Famous and ordinary locals share their own visions of Luzern. How they see their city, what they love about it, what spaces and/or traditions they would love to share.

#Placestogo: Luzern city is full of different restaurants/bars/shops/cafeterias/underground art venues/theatres and new places to discover. We also believe that behind every business place there is a story to tell.

#EasywithYzzy: Kids tell their own stories about the places they like to go to, galleries, programmes, museums events etc. They also share their own knowledge about life in the city, share easy tips from their daily life, short interviews with people they are interested in etc.

Our vision

Our goal is to inspire people to become a part of the city growth and to thrive by highlighting the positive side of living in Luzern and the rewards of being a part of society.

We want to discover the various neighbourhoods and communities around the city through storytelling. In order to do this we are collaborating with neighbourhood associations and other local organisations so as to share their stories.

We believe that the best way to build a bridge between people in the city is to connect the various generations and cultures through different social responsibility projects which we will be writing about.

We are very happy to be collaborating with the city of Luzern, Business Luzern, various associations and communities around the city as well as with several media teams such as Elura Films, Logemol and Tuskwood amongst others.

If you have a special story (a place in your neighbourhood or a person you think is interesting) and you would like to share that story or want to help us with this project please feel free to contact us.

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