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Music can not only be fun, but a learning, growing as well as a relaxing experience for people of all ages, including yourself.  Join our music groups this year, with your child or come along with other mother-friends.  Explore the world of music together, through singing, playing, and moving.  Be creative, and spontaneous.  Share some quality time together with people you love and have fun.

“Music with my Baby” (0-12 months) and “Music with my Mummy” (1-3 years):

We all know how music plays a powerful role in the lives of young children. The mother-infant and   mother-child music interaction, goes beyond music itself and holds the potential to boost and broaden the socio-emotional and cognitive skills that enhance children’s abilities to detect, expect and react to patterns in the world; help them  discover the world around them in rich, complex ways but most of all, it allows significant experiences to be shared in a verbal or non-verbal level and brings the sense of belonging, relating and sharing music experiences with the most important people in the world.  And that makes them feel cherished and important. So, use the power of music and of course of your voice to communicate, soothe and lullaby your young ones.  It can really be a unique experience for both.  Both groups are tailored to the needs and developmental skills of each age group.

There will be a trial session on Friday September 23 at 10.30 at the LiLi Centre.

“Let’s make some Music” (3-5 years and 5-7 years):

Music, as a sound stimulus, stimulates the senses, evokes feelings, elicits physiological and mental responses and energizes the mind and body. It can be a form of communication (verbal or non-verbal); help children develop their cognitive and academic skills (language, math, etc); relieve stress; help make transitions easier;  develop or improve children’s self-esteem and sense of belonging in a group; improve social skills; help make new friends.   As a form of “play” (Winicott, 2010), it can be a source of joy and creativity.

There will be a free trial on Friday September 23 at 16.00 at the LiLi centre

“Relaxation Music Groups for Mothers”:

Mothers always tell me: “How about us? Can we have some music? Why don’t you do some music for us? We so much need that!!!!!”  And it’s true.  Being a mother myself, I know that motherhood can be a stressful, “full- time job” and that, when it comes to our precious ones, we all tend to forget or ignore our own needs.   So, come join our Relaxation Music Groups for Mothers. Use the music and music therapy techniques to relax and soothe your body, mind and soul. Allow yourself the gift of music.  Be a “Happy Mother”, because as I say “Good Mother is a Happy Mother”.


Language: All groups are in English

What Mothers say about MusiKing’s Music Groups?

  • My twin 3yr old girls and I were lucky enough to attend music classes with Maria. Maria not only has an amazing singing voice but she has an uncanny ability to really read the mood of each child and adapt the class to suit. Her classes are fun, upbeat, and full of fantastic instruments to play and most importantly, the kids loved it! I would definitely recommend Maria and MusiKing.” Karen
  • “MusiKing” is what this course is indeed about, and what you will see your children doing immediately after the session. My daughter has learned to improvise, create and communicate through music, at the tender age of 3. Although she already had a taste for music, she definitely got more excited about it with the course. She brought music into our lives, in every aspect. Maria is very talented and has a natural way with children. But more importantly, she was always very well prepared for the sessions and always brought up interesting exercises and activities; each carefully selected to work on a specific aspect of the group. I am really happy we joined the group and hope we can join again soon”. Renata


All groups will be held in the LiLi Community Centre

Alpenquai 40a, 6005, Luzern

For more information, cost and registration contact:

Maria Samara

Music Therapist, MA-SFMT, FAMI

Music Pedagogue/ Musician


Tel: +041 76 628 0047


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