Mentoring Programme for Professionals

Are you interested in becoming a mentor and donating two hours of your time per month? Would you like to benefit from the advice of someone who is fully integrated in the Swiss job market? We are looking for mentors and mentees who would be interested in taking part of this programme.
The main objective of the programme is to facilitate the integration of qualified international professionals into the job market in Switzerland.
Specific Goals:
1. Knowledge and Skill Attainment
2. Advice and Guidance
3. Job and Career Development
4. Sharing of Experiences
The Programme is designed to be one-to-one mentoring for a period of 6 months that is supported by the SIVO and JIFF team.
What are the benefits?
For mentees, the benefits include:
Being able to have an open and honest career discussion in a supportive environment
Leveraging the skills, experience and wisdom of someone who’s “been there”
Having access to a trusted partner to help you work through current project challenges
Learning different ways of thinking Getting assistance in identifying areas needed for professional growth and development
Obtaining new knowledge and insights about the profession Broadening your professional network
For mentors, the benefits include:
Giving back to the profession by helping less experienced professionals grow Deriving a sense of achievement as you watch your mentee develop Learning new things through your mentee Broadening your professional network Increase their mentoring skills which they can use in numerous personal and professional areas Learn new technical knowledge and skills Gaining exposure to new ideas, technologies, and perspectives through interaction with mentees.
The SIVO-JIFF Mentoring Programme is intended to help all newcomers and international residents of Luzern who are looking for a job or are interested in a career change. More specifically, the target group should possess at least one of the following characteristics:
  1. Newcomers to Luzern with substantial work experience (minimum five years) in their field of expertise in their home countries
2. Permanent residents of Luzern, looking for a job and with at least five years of work experience in their field of expertise
3. Permanent residents of Luzern with some work experience in a certain field but interested in a career change
4. Permanent residents of Luzern who took a career break to care for their children or a sick relative and are interested in re-entering the labor market
The pilot phase of the programme will run from September 2017 – June 2018.
Contact SIVO:Evelin Bermudez
Contact JIFF:Denise Mattsson

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