Meet Partner: Photographer Maria Nowrot

Hi, my name is Maria Nowrot, I come from Poland. I am a photographer specializing in portrait photography, including business, family, wedding, and personal photo sessions. I also do event photography. You can view my portfolio here:

I like collaborating with other small business creators, traveling to their offices and workshops to photograph them at work, striving to capture their character and the specifics of their activities as accurately as possible. Of course, the mood, aesthetics, and color scheme are always agreed with the client.

I also love doing photo sessions in nature, taking my clients to parks, forests, and mountains, where we create atmospheric frames together. I aim to create a magical, painterly atmosphere in the pictures, focusing on beautiful light and genuine emotions. I know how to show models how to look good in photos and suggest photogenic activities, but I don’t like unnaturally posed photos. Clients choose the photos I will retouch, ensuring they get images they look good in.

I also work in event photography. I particularly enjoy taking photos at concerts. My second profession is music journalism, and having played an instrument myself, I understand music well and can beautifully capture musical events in photographs. However, I am also happy to create reports from various events, such as business conferences or family celebrations.

For more information, please visit my website:

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