Luzern’s market, a pleasure for all senses!

The first Saturday after moving to Luzern, I went to the fruit and vegetable market along the banks of the Reuss; after buying goods from several of the stands, we sat at Dieci’s, ordered cappuccinos and I promptly burst into tears of happiness. I was finally home!

Perhaps for me home is where my tummy is happiest, in any case having been to many many markets all over the world, I can honestly say that Luzern’s market is my favourite.

Open on Tuesday and Saturday mornings, it is where you are guaranteed to see all of Luzern wander by. The stands offer food from local producers, fantastically fresh fish at the stands under the Pfistern arcades and although it seems like there are two they both belong to the same family, organically made bread, a great selections of cheeses at Rolf Beeler next to the wooden bridge (who provides cheeses to all the top restaurants in the area), lovely pasta from Safra’s, produce from the Tessin, Italy and beyond. There also are small stands offering ready cooked snacks to take with you, the Lebanese and Vietnamese are my two favourites.

The plant and flower selection is seasonal and my garden is filled with plant plugs I’ve bought at the market.

Once you have done your shopping you get to pick a café where to sit, on sunny days it can be a bit tricky, but it’s the best place to people watch, to bump into friends, have a spontaneous drink and watch the local doing the same!

A very nice cookbook has been published in German and English with recipes given out by the stall owners, and the market has it’s own website with information on opening and closing times and any special events.

If the market seems to crowded for you, then there is the satellite market up at the Helvetiaplatz. But for me the hustle and bustle of the market is what gives it its charm.

It is officially open from 6:00 a.m. to 13:00, but after noon things start to wind down.

If you’ve been wondering where the heart of the city is then wander down to the banks of the Reuss and see for yourself!

(Image copyright: Mariia Golovianko)

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