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Low cost travel with the Tageskarte-Gemeinde….

A friend of mine recently told me about a day travel card that you can purchase at a very low cost (around CHF40) from your local Gemeinde.  Apologies if you already know about this but I’ve been here for a year and a half and had never heard of it so thought it was worth sharing this information with you just in case!

The card is similar to the SBB day pass and allows you to travel on trains, buses and trams across most of Switzerland on your chosen day. You can also get free travel on many cable cars and boat crossings. Every Gemeinde across Switzerland has an allocation of day cards to sell each day – for example, central Luzern has 18 – which can be purchased directly at a designated location in your Gemeinde.

To save disappointment, there is also a fantastic online booking system which allows you to book ahead and see how many cards are available each day. Tickets must still be collected in person and proof of residency may be required (each Gemeinde has their own set of terms & conditions).

You do not need to have a half price card to purchase the Gemeinde day pass (normally required for the SBB day travel pass) and can pass the cards onto friends and family as long as you collect them in person first. 

So the Tageskarte-Gemeinde is a great (and cheap) way for you and your visitors to explore Switzerland!