LiLi Centre success stories: MHI

Today we have the opportunity to highlight and celebrate one more LiLi Centre success story, Dr. Brandi Eijsermans and the MHI (mental health initiative).

Dr. Eijsermans is an American trained licensed Clinical Psychologist who has over 15 years experience working with and researching people who live outside their country of origin and their dynamic identities. Her work spans Costa Rica, China, Hong Kong, America, Netherlands, UAE, United Kingdom, Philippines, France, Germany, Russia, and Switzerland. In 2015, she founded Optimal Wellness Global to help pan-internationals find optimal wellness in their global lifestyle. She offers therapy with science-based practices of well-being, to promote thriving skills, resilience, happiness, compassion, and connection for a meaningful life. She also provides culturally-competent and culturally-sensitive assessment for the diverse international community throughout the developmental lifespan.

More information about Dr. Brandi Eijsermans’ training and approach details can be found HERE on the Optimal Wellness Global website

What was the idea behind your project?
The MHI public health initiative is forged in the intent to:

  • increase access and equal affordability to culturally-competent and culturally-sensitive care
  • address present gaps in mental health that contribute to public health risk, to creatively mitigate this risk
  • foster collaboration and integration of foreign practitioners with Swiss practitioners, to strengthen the offering and collective knowledge of the region
  • challenge stigma with increased visibility and normalization of public exposure to mental health topics, narratives and public education.

How did the LiLi Centre help you make it a reality?
The LiLi Centre has been a strategic partner with MHI since its inception. They lent their resources, infrastructure, and connection with the community to increase the visibility and awareness of our cause.

What are your successes?
MHI Intervision Group is now a regional, multidisciplinary consultation group for providers in the region. Among our other successes was the creation of the MHI website and searchable database of providers, as well as the development of psychosocial groups in the community to address gaps in prevention and follow-up care supports.

How does the future of your project look?
We aim to hold a regional symposium to share projects and resources across cantons and agencies with the theme of Moving from Crisis Intervention to Crisis Prevention. We see further expansion of our community-based psychosocial group offerings, as well as expanding with the LiLi Centre throughout Switzerland

What do you wish for the LiLi Centre?
I very much wish the LiLi Centre success in its expansion of centers throughout Switzerland’s hubs, as well as, sustainable funding and infrastructure in collaboration with government and industry.

Thank you, Dr. Eijsermans!

Would you like to find out more about the MHI? Dr. Eijsermans will be there to share more on this at the LiLi Centre’s 5th Anniversary event, tomorrow, Saturday, October 30th. More information about the event RIGHT HERE.

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