LiLi Centre success stories: HSK English Language School

As we celebrate the 5 year anniversary of the Lili Centre, we want to highlight and celebrate businesses that have opened and thrived at the centre over the last few years. Today we celebrate HSK English Language School and its head teacher Joanna Christen-Glennie.

Joanna is a native English speaker from Scotland who is head teacher and co-founder of the HSK English Language School and is currently teaching there.  She has gained vast experience in teaching English in Switzerland over the last 16 years including teaching children from the ages of 4-13, in groups and individually.  The School and Joanna have been certified by Canton Luzern`s Heimatliche Sprache und Kultur (HSK) department.

What was the idea behind the project?

In 2016 the HSK Lucerne English school was founded after having talked to Charlie Hartmann that there was a need to provide a school for native English children attending local schools as they were getting bored there and their English grades were dropping.  Therefore, I proceeded to write a business concept and within 2 months the doors of the HSK opened!

How did the Lili Centre help you make it a reality?

The Lili Centre has helped me enormously by supporting and advising me and has enabled me to reach the right people through advertising.  The venue and room is perfect to teach in. 

What are your successes?

In my opinion, the expansion of the school is a great success in itself.  I started teaching a class of 9 children in 2016 and now have 30 pupils and 4 classes, which I am delighted with.  Also, for my own personal success, I would say learning to grow as a teacher and learning to adapt to the different needs as required is something I am proud of. Moreover, seeing the children`s development and how they make long-lasting friendships is incredible and extremely rewarding.

What does the future of your project look like?

Hopefully,  the HSK Lucene English School will continue to grow, enabling me to help children with their education and development as I have done over the last 5 years and that I will work further with the Lili Centre in the future.

Do you have any anniversary wishes for the Lili Centre?

I wish the Lili Centre also great success and long may it continue!

Thank you, Joanna and we at the Lili Centre very much look forward to seeing HSK English Language School continue its thriving journey.

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