Migros vs. Coop – Grocery Shopping online in Luzern

Never hurts to repost a popular topic from last year…

Recently, I tested the online grocery shops for Migros a.k.a. leshop.ch, and the coop a.k.a. coopathome.ch. As a Mom of two little ones, I can barely make it out the door some days, let alone carry five or six bags of groceries and push the pram! I thought I would write about my experiences with both so that you might have some Expat insight before you try it out yourself.

Pros and Cons of Migros’ leshop.ch:

Pros – To me the major pro at the moment is that you if recommend leshop to someone who hasn’t used it yet, you get a 20 chf credit to your account and they get a 50 chf credit to their account (spread out over 5 orders). I heard about this on the yahoo Expats in Luzern group… so if you want to use Carmen’s email address to give her the credit for spreading the word, it is carmencrenshawhovey(at)yahoo.com. Otherwise, feel free to use my email address 🙂 joyelizabethfoster(at)gmail.com. Some of the other pros include: iPhone and Android apps as well as good discounts

Cons – I think the hardest thing for me was that I couldn’t search in English. They had a nice menu on the left which broke things down into categories, but there was virtually no way to search for what I wanted unless I did it in French or German. The other negative, in my opinion, was that they only delivered between 5 and 8pm M-F. They do deliver on Saturdays though between 7am and 11am. Lastly, when you order frozen goods, they come in a very nice for-frozen-foods sack with a frozen water bottle, but there is a 5 chf deposit (which I believe is charged to your bill). Apparently, you get this back when you return it to the Migros delivery guy the next time he delivers an order…

Pros and Cons of Coop’s coopathome.ch: 

Pros – My favorite feature was being able to search in English. It really helped me get what I needed to find quickly. My second favorite feature was the online recipes. I am not a great cook and I until I was married three years ago, I didn’t even know what garlic was. Coop has a really nice selection of recipes in their online shop and better yet, below each recipe, they have a listing of the ingredients and you can add them to your cart right then and there! Although I had seen the recipes in the shop, I usually didn’t like picking them up because I couldn’t find the ingredients. The delivery price can also be cheaper than leshop.ch if you have earned loyalty points (which is determined by the number of orders you have made in a set period of time).

Cons – Originally, I had said that I hadn’t found any cons… however, I have now had two deliverers who couldn’t find my address and so when they called me to say they couldn’t find me it became quite complicated – especially with my broken German. The driver even told me he had a GPS but couldn’t figure out how to get to me. So… I guess this would qualify as a negative.

Hope this helps!!

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