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Have you ever done the "parent walk of shame"?, if you are not familiar with it, it is the kind

Every autumn the Alps are witness to one of Switzerland’s most famous and beloved traditions. The Alpabzug, (also known as the Alpabfahrt, alpine cow parade/descent, or in French, the Désalpe), is the annual journey that brings the cows from mountain pastures back home to their stables ready for their wintering. Switzerland

Once again we are on the home stretch to the summer holidays. If you are going to need some help to keep the kids entertained for the upcoming 6 to 8 weeks and you don't want to constantly hear the, 'I'm bored' refrain then we have some great suggestions that

When the sun shines everyone heads to the lake to bask in all its glory, but if your relatively new to Lucerne then you might not know where to swim in Lucerne or even just how many options you have available to you, if you wish to take a cool