It’s Epiphany: time to clean up!

It’s the twelfth night and, once we’ve have worn our crown having found the “royal” figurine in our Epiphany cake, we’ll go about removing all traces of Christmas from our homes. The tricky question being what to do with the Christmas tree. Over a million are sold every year in Switzerland and need to be recycled, fortunately it is very easy, simply make sure to put it out on the morning of your area “green” rubbish pick-up day and it will be taken away for free. Just be sure to remove all tinsel, baubles and chocolates from it, melted candle wax is okay. And if like me you think your tree is still looking too healthy to throw out (I’m thinking mine will make a great Fasnacht Tree), don’t worry there is no deadline as to when to throw it out. I once saw a very tired tree being thrown out – and picked up – in July!

If you’re not sure on what day the “green” rubbish gets picked up in your neighbourhood, simply select your street name on this website for the various rubbish and recycling picking up days.

And if you don’t know what you did with your recycling guidebook from the town, you can download it here.

Now time to think of Fasnacht!

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