Is Luzern the new city of love?

If you’ve been to Paris in the last couple of years, you’ve probably crossed the Pont des Arts and noticed the thousands of engraved locks adorning the metal railings there. In fact a panel of railing collapsed last month under the weight of so much love and frankly there’s not much room left for any more locks anyway, so what do tourists who are on a European tour do? They pick the next romantic bridge they come across and put their locks there instead, in this case the Reuss Bridge downtown Luzern. Granted Luzern is a very romantic city but I wonder how long it will be before the bridge is covered in engraved locks and a panel falls off. Here’s an idea, let’s collect the money thrown into the Lion Monument’s pond presumably by people confusing it with the Fountain of Trevi in Rome and use it to buy a metal cutter and save our Reuss Bridge from collapse…

Article about the Pont des Arts bridge panel collapse here.

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