Introducing our new partner: Wine Education

We are not just another wine school.

Our mission is to connect people with wine in an educational yet enjoyable way.

Whether you are a wine enthusiast or a professional in the wine industry, we have a class, a course or tasting session that is tailored to your needs.     

We – Lilla Fülöp and Ralph Schädler -believe that the proper transfer of knowledge is only possible in an environment where the participants receive professional attention on an individual level and can indulge in the joy of tasting wine. Therefore, we often use the term ‘workshop-style’ when describing our method of teaching. This method allows the participants to interact and practice with the help and guidance of the educator(s). The majority of the courses will take place around the tasting table at Haus Österreich Weinimport GmbH in new town, Lucerne and we offer our courses both in German and English. The sessions are offered for small groups of up to 12 people.

The curriculum of our course is based on a well-developed and tested plan offering courses on 3 levels.

– Our BASIC COURSES are designed for those who are new to wine and just starting their journey into the wonderful world of wines.                       

– The MASTERCLASSES are slightly more advanced and rather more thematic.

We recommend them for everyone with minimal knowledge but much interest.

– Our EXCLUSIVE TASTINGS are actually special wine events for those who are curious to discover unique grape varieties, unusual and wine styles.

We periodically change the subject of our courses to keep up the interest.

We are kicking off the spring with courses such as the ‘Funky Fun’ which is about natural and orange wines, then we have the ‘Lake Lucerne Tasting’ where the wines are selected from the assortment of the local wineries. Of course, there are classic sessions as well, such as our ‘Fifty Shades of Rosé’ where we compare high-quality rosé wines from different parts of the world.  We like to think outside of the box and include indigenous or often unknown grape varieties into our course portfolio.

Understanding wine is a very, very useful skill and in high demand these days.

It’s something everyone wants you to know about. You don’t need to be a sommelier or a wine professional, but having a solid understanding of wine will serve you well.

Our website offers simple online booking for all those interested participating.

We invite and welcome local wine enthusiast of all levels into our wine tastings and courses, and looking forward building a local wine community.

Wine is fun with us!

Lilla Fülöp, Certified Sommelier and Ralph Schädler, DipWSET Wine Academic

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