JIFF: Interview Techniques Workshop

Congratulations, you have finally got a positive response back from a potential employer and now the dreaded interview looms. In the “interview techniques workshop” we will show you how to make the most of this opportunity and turn your interview into a positive experience. In this hands on workshop we will look at body language, interview skills, dos and don’ts and even show you online interview tricks.

The workshop will be led by Charlie Hartmann and Denise Mattsson who will share their knowledge of body language and interview techniques with participants..

The Job Integration For Foreigners (JIFF) organisation runs regular meetings in order to help people to better their chances at finding a job locally and/or start a small business. They also run regular workshops about these themes throughout the year.

This workshop will take place on Tuesday June 23rd from 18.30 until 21.00; it costs CHF 30.- . Places are limited so be sure to sign up early here or contact Ms. Mattsson should you have any further questions.

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