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On Sunday May 15. 2022, Swiss voters are being asked to give their opinion of the following national referendums: Wollen Sie die Änderung vom 1. Oktober 2021 des Bundesgesetzes über Filmproduktion und Filmkultur (Filmgesetz, FiG) annehmen? Do you want to adopt the amendment of 1 October 2021 to the Federal Act on Film Production and Film Culture (Film Act, FiA)? - accepted by 58.4% With the revised Film Act, domestic and foreign television broadcasters and streaming services are to be placed on an equal legal footing. The bill stipulates that streaming services such as Netflix and foreign television stations with Swiss advertising windows must invest part of the revenue they generate (4%) in Switzerland in domestic filmmaking. To do this, they can

Around 800 000 adults struggle to read and write correctly in Switzerland. The Swiss

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On Thursday February 24, Lucerne will enter its fifth season: Fasnacht. Here we share where

We hope that you enjoyed the summer weather and whether you went abroad or had

Despite the centre being closed we continue to offer many of our regular programmes as

These are stressful times, but even though we are put under pressure to self isolate

Here is a scoop, the month of March will be the only month until this

On January 26th we held our annual general and want to share what was said

We say over and over again that the centre can only be run with the

Back in June we celebrated three years of the LiLi Centre being open and serving

Whether you are new to Luzern or just looking for new opportunities to meet like-minded

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This Sunday the Swiss will be voting on 4 national referendums and the citizen of

Buy your own copy of our Settling in Lucerne book. This book was 18 months

With salaries higher than in most countries, Switzerland seems like the dream destination where it

Cycling is a popular activity in Switzerland, not only as a means of transport or

The goverment has once again decided to lower the interest reference rate to a record

We know that one of the first cultural shock when moving to Switzerland is working