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If you've been living in Switzerland for any length of time you've come across this inevitable truth, private health insurance

Krankenversicherungsgesetz (KVG) this might be a word you have come across already - if not it’s the term for basic health insurance. Every person living in Switzerland is obliged to take out a basic health insurance policy. Even more important is that this must be done within 3 months of

Mandatory insurance Healthcare, vehicle insurance (certain E-bikes included), unemployment and invalidity insurance, mandatory pension contributions, social security, etc. are all under the watchful eye of the state. If you are working, then most of your cover is in place. However, in our consultations, we have found that the most underinsured are the

What you need to know before you choose your health insurance Soziale Krankenversicherung – even harder to choose one than it is to say. If you are used to public medical care or subsidised insurance back home, you will have to accept the fact that here it is compulsory and get