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Inline Skating Tour Weggis to Vitznau

One of the most wonderful experiences at the Vierwaldstättersee are inline skating tours. There are lots of great tours but my favourite one is from Weggis to Vitznau.

This tour is perfect for families as it is only on sidewalks and nearly completely flat. You can start at the end of Weggis (there are public parking sides) and follow the sidewalk direction Vitznau. There are several places where you can take a refreshing dip in the lake or just relax and enjoy the view of the lake and mountains.

When you leave Vitznau the tour starts to go uphill. After a few minutes you will reach a bridge with wooden boards. That is a good place to turn around and go back. But if you want more just carry on (it is not a problem to go over the bridge – just a little bit bumpy). After a while, you go downhill to the village Gersau. I would only recommend the hilly parts for advanced and professional inline skaters!

Please note the following safety advice:

  • Always use wrist, elbow and knee protectors and a helmet!
  • Never skate on a wet surface!
  • Always skate on the right and overtake on the left.
  • Adapt your speed to circumstances and your abilities.
  • Always cross traffic lanes and pedestrian crossings at walking speed.

Next week I will recommend another inline skating tour. Don’t miss it!

This post sumbitted by LiL Team Member, Claudia Förtig. Thanks Claudia!