Holiday Season Emergency Numbers

With Christmas and New Year’s celebrations just around the corner here is the list of emergency numbers that can serve you well.

Police Station: 117

Fire Department: 118

Ambulance: 144

Poison: 145

Dental Emergency: 0848 582 489

Emergency service: The Kantonspital has an emergency ward.

If you haven’t chosen your house doctor yet, you can go to the Permanence Medical Centre at the train station (it’s on the basement floor next to the Coop) where you will be seen by a medical doctor. If you haven’t got your local medical insurance, you can pay cash. They are open 24/7.

There also is a brand new emergency infant centre.

Nez Rouge: You’ve driven to a party and find that you’ve had way too much to drive home. Nez Rouge is a charitable organisation which will drive you home in your own car. More information here.

Have fun and be safe!


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