What does my health insurance cover if I’m pregnant?

There are a variety of health insurance policies available in Switzerland. Our 2009 survey of Expat Moms showed that no one insurance company was preferred over another, rather it showed that what mattered to Expat Moms was the flexibility and benefits of their chosen plans.

Swiss health insurers are required by law to cover pregnancy (Health Care Benefits Ordinance, Articles 13 to 16). Comparis.ch, a great website for comparing different insurances, among other things, produces an Insurance Guidebook: Tips and information for the mother-to-be and her child which provides the following information about basic insurance for the expecting Mom:

Benefits before birth

  • 7 check-ups*
  • 2 ultrasonic check-ups ( 11th – 14th and 20th – 23rd week of pregnancy)
  • Contribution of CHF 100 for birth preparation course

*A brochure by the Swiss Federation of Midwives stipulates that only 6 check-ups are covered, however, this brochure was produced in 2006, while the Comparis.ch brochure was produced in 2009 and says that you are entitled to 7 check-ups.

Benefits at birth

  • Full coverage in the general ward of a hospital or in a birth centre according to the hospital list of the canton of residence or for a home birth

Benefits after birth

  • Care at home by a midwife up to 10 days after birth
  • 3 breastfeeding consultations with a midwife or a breastfeeding consultant
  • 1 check-up 6 – 10 weeks after delivery

High-risk pregnancy

  • In the case of a high-risk pregnancy ( e.g. multiple pregnancy, existing illnesses such as diabetes), the benefits mentioned above and additional measures after medical assessment are covered by the basic insurance.

The Comparis.ch guidebook also explains the supplementary insurances that are available to the expecting mother:

Semi-private or private ward (Halbprivat- oder Privatabteilung)

These hospital supplementary insurances enable a free choice of doctor, a stay in a 1 or 2 bed room and cover the costs of delivery in a private clinic or outside the canton of residence.

Depending on the type of supplementary insurance, the costs for delivery and a stay at a birth centre which is not on the cantonal hospital list are covered.

General ward whole of Switzerland (Allgemeine Abteilung ganze Schweiz)

For the coverage of delivery costs outside the canton of residence in the general ward of a hospital, the hospital supplementary insurance “general ward whole of Switzerland” is sufficient.

Outpatient supplementary insurances (Ambulante Zusatzversicherungen)

Depending on the type of insurance offered, outpatient supplementary insurances also pay contributions for alternative medicine, recovery courses or a household help.

Interesting Insurance Tip:

When you have your insurance through PRO LIFE, you will be eligible to receive a 400chf cash gift from PRO LIFE after the birth of your child.

Here is some additional information: PRO LIFE was established in 1989 after research showed that the cost to health insurance companies to complete abortions were much higher than the costs associated with birth. They created liaisons with two major insurance companies (Helsana and CSS) through which they offer lower premiums and money post-birth to mothers who are signed up with PRO LIFE.

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