Happy World Toilet Day!

Yeap, you read correctly today is World Toilet Day, the continued trend to highlight problems by celebrating the issue has now reached the problem of toilets. 2.4 billion people have to deal with this problem worldwide and whereas Sudan ranks at the top of the worst country where 93% of the population lack access to adequate toilet, and Russia tops the list of “civilized” countries with over 27% of the population lacking access to proper sanitation, we could think that the problem has nothing to do with Luzern. However as part of the continued effort by the town to reduce their yearly budget (i.e. no building of new public toilets) we want to remind you of the “nette toilette” initiative started by businesses downtown.

To make things more pleasant for tourists and locals alike the town, the tourism office and the GastroRegioLuzern association decided to implement an idea that has already swept through Germany called “nette toilette” or friendly toilets, this means that several restaurants, bars and hotels are allowing people to use their toilets without having to pay for them or feel obligated to buy a drink.

They are: Brasserie Flore, Bar Capitol, Restaurant Pavarotti, Fondue Hotel Luzern, Hotel Falken, Hotel des Alpes, Hotel Rebstock, Restaurant Storchen, Restaurant Nix’s in der Lanterne, Wirtschaft zur Ente, Wirthaus Taube, Restaurant Unicum, Restaurant Lapin.


Of course, Manor, Globus and Coop City all have toilets which you can use too.

So Happy World Toilet Day and if you want to get involved in the bigger worldwide problem you can find out more by going here.

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