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Last week we wrote about this Sunday's referendum and now the results are in. The people have spoken and for now

Swiss citizenship can be acquired in a number of ways: by marriage, by maternal or paternal descent, if you are a child with a parent with Swiss citizenship, have been recognised as a stateless child, if you believe you have been a Swiss citizen for at least five years, reinstatement

Before you can apply for a C Permit: If you are moving to Switzerland for longer than three months you are required to apply for an L Permit or a B Permit. An L Permit is granted for foreign nationals who have an employment contract valid for three to twelve months

Today Switzerland voted on several motions and 59% of the voting population turned up at the urns. You can read up on the content of the motions in these two posts: The Begrenzungsinitiative explained, The Other Referendums explained. The results are: The Limited Immigration - Begrenzungsinitiative. Once more the SVP saw their efforts