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Last week we wrote about this Sunday's referendum and now the results are in. The people have spoken and for now

Today Switzerland voted on several motions and 59% of the voting population turned up at the urns. You can read up on the content of the motions in these two posts: The Begrenzungsinitiative explained, The Other Referendums explained. The results are: The Limited Immigration - Begrenzungsinitiative. Once more the SVP saw their efforts

This Sunday September 27 is going to be a busy day at the urns. Not only have we 5 issues to vote on nationally (which you can read about here and here) but another 3 topics to vote on specific to Lucerne. We explain these for you here. Spange Nord Stoppen This

On Saturday September 27 the nation will be voting on 5 different topics. We covered the most controversial last week, the "limited immigration initiative", which you can read about here. Four national referendum topics remain to be covered. Änderung des Jagdgesetzes - Amendment the hunting law. The current hunting law was written in 1986