Good Value Skiing

If you want to make the most out of the ski season without hurting your pocket then keep reading, we have gathered the best tips to enjoy your day at the slopes.

The first thing you will have to decide is how many times you want to go skiing during the season.


If you plan to go skiing more than 20 times then you should definitely consider getting the Schneepass. With it you can access 13 local ski resorts. Besides saving some money you can also avoid all the queuing for getting your tickets and even go just for a few hours.

Prices for adults are CHF 1130.- and CHF 495.- for kids. You can get your Schneepass online:


This pass is from ticketcorner, you pay CHF 6.- for your pass and then can buy tickets to 70 ski resort from an app on your phone in the comfort of your home and get discounts. More information here.


For those using public transportation Snow’n’Rail is the way to go. Get a 20% discount in the public transport ticket plus a reduced 1 day, 2 day or 6 day ski pass. Additionally depending on where you go you can also get a 15% discount at Intersport Rent in case you need to rent your ski or snowboarding equipment.

You can get your Snow’n’Rail pass online at the sbb site


If you already have a GA or a half price train ticket card you can also buy day tickets to ski resorts.

Day tickets on a budget.

Ticket prices for a 1 day pass vary widely from ski resort to ski resort. Among the most reasonable price ones you have Andermatt-Sendrun with ticket prices starting at CHF 37.- for adults.

If you sleep in then it might make sense to only get a ticket starting from 12.00 onwards as they are cheaper. Also if you are staying in a resort overnight, your guest card should entitle you to a rebate.

If you are planning to go with your family or you are a beginner then you should consider the Trübsee Pass at Titlis – Engelberg. It is valid for Engelberg, Trübsee, Staterland,

Trübsee-hopper, Älplerseil, lift Untertrübsee and lift Gerschnialp. The day pass is CHF 37.- instead of the CHF 65.- you would pay for the whole resort.

Another option is to get the Gerschnipass which is CHf 25.- and covers the return ride to Gerschnialp and the Untertrübsee and Gerschni lifts.

If you are more of the loyal type and decide that you want to stick to one ski resort then you should consider getting a seasonal or year pass. Almost all ski resorts offer discounts on these

type of passes and if you buy them before the season starts you can get an extra discount.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]In our family, my husband and daughter are avid skiers so they have gone for the Schneepass whilst I am a fair weather skier so have the Ticketcorner Skicard, allowing me to join them without queuing. The different solutions fits each of us. Charlie [/perfectpullquote]


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