So you packed your golf clubs when you moved here and have now found out to your dismay that you will need to pay out several thousands of francs to join one of the local clubs. Don`t worry there are ways around this. And if the weather is as nice this fall as it was last year, you can enjoy some rounds of golf into November!

Migros believe it or not has several golf courses around the country and in the area; Holzhäusern near Hünenberg and Oberkirch near Sursee being the closest, where you only need to have a licence to play. If you don`t already own a licence you can get one from them.

The ASG Golfcard costs CHF 250.- per year and entitles you to a 10% rebate on green fees at Migros Golf courses as well as other discounts. You may have to take their Platzreifeprüfung, to prove that you know how to play but it is fairly straight forward. The card can then be used in most public golf courses in Switzerland, although you will probably have to pay a higher guest fee.

You can find more information on all the golf courses in Switzerland at: and

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