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We know that one of the first cultural shock when moving to Switzerland is working out how to pay for

Welcome, Herzlich Willkommen and Grüezi in your new home, Switzerland! It’s amazing, right? The beautiful landscape of mountains and lakes, the old cobblestone roads and, not to mention, the fresh cakes and bread at the bakery. In all its beauty and charm it can also be quite overwhelming, but not to

Renting versus Buying Homes in Switzerland In some countries there is nothing more normal than buying a house, doing it up and selling it for a profit a couple of years down the road, this way of thinking is completely foreign to Swiss cultures where more than 60 % of the

It happens over and over again, I meet people who have moved here to join their partner, been here for a few weeks and are so down because they haven’t had any job interviews and feel like they are losing their sense of self-worth. My advice is to SLOW DOWN

The Elevator Pitch When I am hiking up on some ridge and I think of the almost worst-case scenario (like a turned ankle that renders someone immobile) I feel better knowing I am one swipe away from a helicopter swooping in to save the day (with optional St. Bernard’s with their

The Elevator Pitch Living in a foreign country it’s often hard to know where to take your normal recycling and where to take those special materials (i’m looking at you Toner Cartridge) for disposal. This app is a great one-stop-shopping to turning you into a Recycling Jedi. While the app is helpful

The Elevator Pitch No web service (including the accompanying app) has brought more value to my life in Switzerland than a subscription to Schweiz Mobile (Switzerland Mobility). In short, if you are active outdoors either walking, hiking, biking, skating, and many more (including new additions for winter options) and want to