Garbage Disposal Explained

We wrote about the Nidwalden garbage disposal system yesterday and it seemed that how things work in Luzern is still unclear to many people, so here is a guide to understanding what is collected where and what you need to bring to the recycling station.

The thing to pay the most attention to is this document, which is sent to every household every year.

In it you will find all of the information and dates that you need in order to know what to put out to be recycled and when.

Using it is quite straightforward once you understand how, from page 12 onwards are the names of all the streets in Luzern, locate yours and note the number next to it, for the purpose of the example I chose Birkenstrasse and the number is 17.

Now go through the document to the list of routes:

Now I can see that on Route 17, the rubbish & compost is picked up on Mondays and Thursdays at 7 a.m.; then the paper collection dates, cardboard and finally old metal are given.

Just be sure to tie your papers and cardboards into neat bundles, as well as any oversize branches and garden compost that doesn’t fit into the green composting container.

If you have things that you want to throw out that don’t fit into these categories and don’t want to go to the recycling centre, then you can purchase labels at the local supermarkets, which cost CHF 1.80 for every 5kg and stick these onto the item.


There are recycling centres all over town and the larger ones are in Emmen, Ebikon and Horw.



Plastic milk bottles have to be returned to a supermarket (not necessarily where you bought it).

Finally read this post to understand the basics of garbage collection in Luzern. Happy recycling!!




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