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Continuing the Lili Centre success stories series in honour of the 5 year anniversary, today we want to celebrate Plant.

After being cancelled for the past couple of years, Lucerne’s very own county fair, the Lozärner Määs will resume! From October 1 until October 16 beginning at Bahnhofplatz and running along the banks of the KKL until Inselipark, the city will be lit up with lights, rides and stands galore.

Always wanted to know the secret of how to make perfect Sushi? Come to our inspirational Sushi making class and get motivated by easy to prepare, simple to roll and delicious Sushi that you can confidently go home and make for your family and friends. Sushi class by Titas teaches handy

It’s officially springtime! The sun is shining, the air warm, the time has changed to summertime and the nights aren’t freezing (as often); so if you have a garden, a terrace, a balcony or even a window sill, it’s time to get your thumbs green. If you’re looking for a shovel,

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