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The first Saturday after moving to Luzern, I went to the fruit and vegetable market along the banks of the

I have to admit it, autumn is my favourite season. The first nip in the air, the changing colour and the abundance of free edible goods is just too good an opportunity to pass up on. I have been mushrooming since I was a child, but I still am very

Switzerland and chocolate is a long love affair. The country became a big player in the chocolate manufacturing as early as 1845 when the Sprüngli family opened the first chocolate factory. Nowadays there are many other companies to rival Sprüngli and luckily for us several are based right here in or around

As we head into autumn, the days shorten, the air cools and we just feels like staying indoors. You will be pleased to see that we have loads of events planned for you Oct. 6 & 16 Understanding Insurance in Switzerland When did you last have a look at your

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