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We are very excited to introduce to you our new Settling in Zurich book! This is the first and only book on the market that is specific to not only moving to Switzerland but to canton Zurich. There are lots of books out there about moving to and working in Switzerland, however, this is definitely the most comprehensive guide to Living in Zurich specifically. In the first section of this book, the reader will be given all the needed information about moving to the canton. One will be given a guide on administrative matters, as well as how Zurich works in the political and economic regards. The reader is sure to receive a full and detailed overview of everything required to

Welcome, Herzlich Willkommen and Grüezi in your new home, Switzerland! It’s amazing, right? The beautiful

Renting versus Buying Homes in Switzerland In some countries there is nothing more normal than buying

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The Elevator Pitch Living in a foreign country it’s often hard to know where to take

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