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With salaries higher than in most countries, Switzerland seems like the dream destination where it will be easy to live a life of luxury. Unfortunately the reality is not quite so simple and the high cost of living often puts an end to people's dreams of luxury and savings. Here we help you to understand how much it really costs to live in Switzerland. The simple (unscientific but quite accurate) rule is that you should spend no more than a 1/3 of your income on your housing, count on another 1/3 going towards fixed costs (like insurance, amenities and transport) and the last 1/3 being for your day to day costs. On top of that the 13th month of salary is

Welcome, Herzlich Willkommen and Grüezi in your new home, Switzerland! It’s amazing, right? The beautiful

Renting versus Buying Homes in Switzerland In some countries there is nothing more normal than buying

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The Elevator Pitch Living in a foreign country it’s often hard to know where to take

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