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The goverment has once again decided to lower the interest reference rate to a record 1.25% for mortgage holders; this means that you are entitled to have your rent lowered (for the 4th time in 8 years). When you signed your rental agreement an interest reference rate was written in the contract (probably somewhere around 2%) and over the last 8 years this has been continuously lowered. Although the landlord should have lowered the rent, it actually  is up to you the renter to make sure that this is being followed through. Not all rental properties will qualify for the reduction, however. Indexed and state-subsidized rentals are not subject to the reference rate. Private property owners may also not yet be aware

Renting versus Buying Homes in Switzerland In some countries there is nothing more normal than buying

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The Elevator Pitch When I am hiking up on some ridge and I think of the

The Elevator Pitch Living in a foreign country it’s often hard to know where to take

The Elevator Pitch No web service (including the accompanying app) has brought more value to my

Cycling is a popular activity in Switzerland, not only as a means of transport or