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This Sunday the Swiss will be voting on 4 national referendums and the citizen of the city of Lucerne will also vote on 2 local referendums. Here we explain what the topics are. Ja zum Tier- und Menschenversuchsverbot - Ja zum Forschungeswegen mit Impulsen für Sicherheit und Fortschritt. (Yes to the ban on animal and human experimentation - Yes to the research pathway focusing on safety and progress.) This referendum calls for an unconditional ban on animal testing and research on humans in Switzerland. In the event of a "yes" vote, existing or new products for which animal experiments had to be carried out may neither be traded nor imported or exported. According to the text of the initiative, animal experiments

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Armin Gilg, Attorney at Law at Studhalter & Pfister Rechtsanwälte AG, writes on the topic. What