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The goverment has once again decided to lower the interest reference rate to a record 1.25% for mortgage holders; this

We know that one of the first cultural shock when moving to Switzerland is working out how to pay for things, so we thought we would explain the Swiss monetary system.

Armin Gilg, Attorney at Law at Studhalter & Pfister Rechtsanwälte AG, writes on the topic. What is a Domicile Address? In order to legally establish a company in Switzerland - in particular a stock corporation - the company must be registered in the Swiss Commercial Register. To be registered, the company requires, among other things,

Moving to a new country requires more than just bringing and unpacking your belongings. Dr. Brandi Eijsermans and Charlie Hartmann discuss the process and offer useful tips. What are some issues faced by immigrants and expats settling down in a new country? CHANGE: of culture, tempo, pace of life,