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Article by Cristina Quesado Spring is a great time to clean your Papers and Finances  Now that we are seeing more sun and the flowers are blooming, Spring Cleaning comes to mind. It is important to remember to give some attention to our papers and finances as well. How long has it been since you gave your accounts a deep clean? Or how long has it been since you cleaned your desk or even your computer desktop? Springtime is the perfect time to organize your papers and finances. And it can be easy and fun!  This Papers and Finance Spring Cleaning can help you save and get your money goal back on track. It is also very likely to prevent a late

We know that one of the first cultural shock when moving to Switzerland is working

Lil Partner | UBS The main branch in Luzern is located at Bahnhofplatz 2, 6006 Luzern

Article by Cristina Quesado Although some people are already in the new year, business

Taxes in Switzerland are levied at three levels: federal, cantonal and municipal. Due to the

In Switzerland, sole proprietorships, partnerships and legal entities (stock corporations) have bookkeeping and accounting requirements.

Even the Swiss have trouble fully understanding their income tax system. The array of taxes,

Lil Partner | Key Investment Financial Services  The complexity of the insurance, banking, and tax systems