Fasnacht: what to wear?


By now we hope that we have whipped up your enthusiasm for Fasnacht.

The first point that you need to cover is what to wear, just like for any good party!

There are several shops locally that can help you with this:

If you are the crafty type then head straight for Vonarburg. Their floor downstairs has been converted into a Fasnacht mecca, with hundreds of different materials and patterns as well as over 1000 ready made costumes and nearly 3000 Fasnacht articles for you to choose from.

The Fasnacht Bazar on Bireggstrasse is open all year round and sells thousands of costumes too.

There are two second hand costume shops in town, one is on Obergrundstrasse next to the Shanghai City shop and the other, Fade Grad, is just after the Manor food shop on Weinberglistrasse. These sell hard-core Fasnacht costumes worn by members of various Guggermusic bands in the previous years.

An online shop is Funshop and they write that “whatever you have in mind, you’ll find it here. Do you already have an exact idea? If not, just have a browse.”

Now there really is no excuse for you to not take part in Luzern’s biggest party!

(Image Copyright: Eva Bocek)

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