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As we head into autumn, the days shorten, the air cools and we just feels like staying indoors. You will be pleased to see that we have loads of events planned for you Oct. 6 & 16 Understanding Insurance in Switzerland When did you last have a look at your insurances?Are you sure your existing insurances still meet your needs?Do you have questions about insurances in Switzerland in general?Are you new to Switzerland and need insurances? Ivan holds regular meetings on Wednesday mornings from 9.30 to 11.30 and will be offering a general presentation with a Q&A session on October 16th. Details here Oct. 9 Drawing Workshop In this workshop, artist Amalia Maciuca will introduce you to basic techniques for drawing portraits and the

The Swiss Museum of Transport family membership is one the best things we have ever

We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with the Pilatus Bahn company. We all know the Pilatus

Ever think you could find a caribbean oasis in Switzerland? Well, one actually exists and

Sometimes, we just feel the need to enjoy some lovely Swiss mountain air, but the

Switzerland is know for its watches, chocolates and cheeses. But did you know it also

Have you ever done the "parent walk of shame"?, if you are not familiar with

On Thursday February 20, Lucerne will enter its fifth season: Fasnacht. Here we share where

Have you considered a bilingual education for your child?  Would you like to experience first-hand

It has been a while since our Yzzy from"Easy with Yzzy" visited the Pilatus Mountain.

Christmas is less than a month away! In this time of heightened consumerism it is

From November 3rd until December 8 the streets will resonate to the sound of whips

October brings a big variety of programmes, including more events for teenagers as well as

Last tips on a list! Here is another Holiday Wellness Tip to keep your spirit

Mindfulness seems to be the word of the moment but what does it really mean

Some topics may seem taboo but unfortunately the reality is that in Switzerland as in

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