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To quote many of us, these are strange times we are living in, and just as we had to get used to lock down 6 weeks ago, we are now preparing to face the world outside of our own four walls and this can come with quite some trepidation. Here Dr. Brandi Eijsermans and Charlie Hartmann discuss the various emotions we will be going through and, of course, how to deal with them best. At the end of the post we share some invaluable resources for you to use, whether for yourself or your family. Symptoms of psychological trauma Shock, denial, or disbelief.Confusion, difficulty concentrating.Anger, irritability, mood swings.Anxiety and fear.Guilt, shame, self-blame.Withdrawing from others.Feeling sad or hopeless.Feeling disconnected or numb.Trouble with sleep or general nightmares/bad dreams. * Note: some of these overlap with

The Swiss Museum of Transport family membership is one the best things we have ever

We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with the Pilatus Bahn company. We all know the Pilatus

Ever think you could find a caribbean oasis in Switzerland? Well, one actually exists and

Sometimes, we just feel the need to enjoy some lovely Swiss mountain air, but the

Switzerland is know for its watches, chocolates and cheeses. But did you know it also

Have you ever done the "parent walk of shame"?, if you are not familiar with

From November 3rd until December 8 the streets will resonate to the sound of whips

October brings a big variety of programmes, including more events for teenagers as well as

Every autumn, all over the Alps, farmers go through the same process, having taken their

Sunny autumn days are invitations for hiking in the glorious mountains of Switzerland. However despite

So you've decided to try out the staycation and now you're wondering what to do,

Hard to believe but the summer holidays are nearly upon us and unless you are

Some topics may seem taboo but unfortunately the reality is that in Switzerland as in

It is important to be able to recognise when someone is in trouble in the

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