Enjoy Fasnacht with these tips

Fasnacht 2020 will start on February 20. We’ve been giving you tips these past few days and here are the things you absolutely must know if you want to have fun in the coming week.

Bus & train tickets for less.

You have until tomorrow to get a special fasnacht ticket for CHF 14.- this entitles you to get from anywhere within central switzerland to Lucerne for one day at that price, if you have a Halbtax pass it only costs CHF 7.-

If you live in Luzern is might be worth getting a Fasnachtpass for the bus routes (CHF 18.-) this covers your travels within zones 10/28 from Thursday until next Wednesday.

Showing your support

The timetable

Tuesday 18th from 14.00: Music under the Egg, the warm-up party to Fasnacht

Wednesday 19th from 19.00: The Fasnacht tree will be erected on the Kornmarkt. All the various bands will put their flags onto this tree. The procession will begin at 19.30 at the Mühlenplatz, participants are expected to be dressed in black with white gloves. Once the tree is up Kaffee Träsch will be offered.

Thursday 20th from 5.00: Bruder Fritschi and his entourage will arrive at the Schweizerhofquai at 5 a.m. and with a large bang and a rain of oranges Fasnacht will officially begin.

The first official procession will begin at 13.45 from the Hofkirche and end down Hirschmattstrasse.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday is the opportunity to go and visit the various Fasnachts in the neighbouring towns and villages.

Monday 24th from 6: Fasnacht is back in Lucerne and the second official procession will begin at 13.45, this is the one which is shown on television. Even if you are not signed up you can take part in the procession as long as you have a mask on.

Tuesday 25th By now Fasnacht is blurring the days and hours, of note is the Children’s procession which begins at 14.30 from Mühlepatz and goes to the Jesuit church and the biggest procession is the evening Monstercorso which begins at 20.00. All the Guggemusic groups will take a part in this, the party will last until dawn.

By Wednesday morning things will return to normal and the locals will already be dreaming about next year’s Fasnacht.

More details can be found here.

The masked balls

For those wanting to have fun indoors, there are several balls in town, the best known being the Vikingerball which takes place on February 22nd at the Schweizerhof Hotel from 19.00 onwards. You will have to be there early to be sure to get tickets though.

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