Eating out with children: where to go?

Have you ever done the “parent walk of shame”?, if you are not familiar with it, it is the kind of “escapism act” that takes place after you kid does something bad in public. Like when he/she throws a massive tantrum at a restaurant and people look at you as if you were the second worst progenitor on earth after Octomom.

Well they should know better. Because unless you are raising a little Demian (and we know you are not), families deserve to enjoy a meal and be cut some slack. That’s why we compiled a list of places were not only you can go eating out with children, but you can do it guilt-free!

1-Rathaus Luzern: The place is quite big. Kids get an individual paper table cloth to paint on, and aside the kinder-menu, almost everything they have could be appealing to the “younger members of the crowd”.

2-Mövenpick: This may not be your cheapest option, but the quality of the food is really good, so if you would like your little ones to develop their pallets, this is the right spot. Family section with high chairs is available.

3.Coop: Variety at a bargain price. The greatest thing about Coop restaurant is that they will serve any of the meals as a children’s menu. That way you can avoid the usual fried food and get a chance to pile up the greens on your offspring’s plate.  There are two coop restaurants in town, one at the top of the Coop City and the other in the Lowencentre where toddlers will love the slide!

4.Uno è Piu: located in Kriens, a few minutes away from town, this is a great Italian option. They have a kinder-Ecke and some amazing antipasto, we call that a win-win situation! Have a look at their web for events like “make your own pizza”, destined to children aged 4-12.

5. The Central restaurant. Located right next to the train station, this restaurant is supposed to have a great kiddy corner as well as fresh local food available.

6. Zum Pfistern restaurant, is not only home to one of the oldest guilds in town but they offer great local food, and a children’s menu with a book to draw in as well as a little T.V. corner for the little ones to go and sit quietly whilst you finish your meal in peace and quiet….





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