#easywithyzzy reviews the Captain Coop app

The Swiss Museum of Transport family membership is one the best things we have ever invested in. We have been fans of the museum since moving here and go at least 6 times a year because there is so much to see and do. Recently we decided to try out the Captain Coop and had great fun in the process.

You start by downloading the app  then going to the gift shop to get your tools and, absolutely essential, your Captain Coop hat. Then simply select which hall you want to start in and follow the clues. The two times we have done the course we started in the train hall and made our way clockwise through the museum.

Although the app is advertised for children it really is for the whole family and, really, adults can have just as much fun trying to solve the riddles. In general there are three codes to find per hall (some bonus codes can keep you going longer), finding the codes is something the kids loved doing, they then sometimes require a bit of help answering the questions. You can do the course at your own pace, on our last trip we chose to also do the mirror maze in the car hall, the immersive theatre about Lucerne in the boat hall and, Yzzy’s absolute favourite, the moving house in the space hall.

We took in the Captain’s ship for the extra bonus points and had lots of fun there too.

All in all the tour took us 3 hours (including extra activities and a break), and everyone felt like they had a good overview of what the museum has to offer.

Once you finish the trail, you go back to the gift shop to return the tools and get your gifts, a badge, hat, key chain and drawings to stencil in.

Exhibits are always changing so each time there is something new to discover or take part in.

We definitely will continue to renew our memberships for many years to come!

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Yzzy says: I had so much fun doing the Captain Coop Adventure Trail! Next time I’ll find all bonus codes![/perfectpullquote]


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