Easyfind – the new way to find your lost valuables

In their constant effort to save money, the town of Luzern has decided to do away with its lost and found office, and in its stead use the online service Easyfind. This is a nationwide online search tool which is used by towns (such as Zug), the SBB as well as the Zürich and Geneva airport. You fill out their online search form and they will then let you know whether it has been found.

There are two ways for objects to be entered into their system, first anyone who finds an object can now take it to any police station versus the lost and found office, the SBB or the airport information desk. The employees will then enter the object into the system. The second solution consists of thinking ahead and buying one of the easyfind merchandises, such as key tag, cards to slip into purses or wallets, stickers etc… Then whoever finds it can enter it directly into the Easyfind system.

One problem which hasn’t been solved by the town is where you will be able to retrieve your goods, but they promise that they are working on an efficient solution.

To be followed…


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