Dragon World on the top of Mount Pilatus!

It has been a while since our Yzzy from”Easy with Yzzy” visited the Pilatus Mountain. Having just been in a theatre production of the Dragon’s Tale with the Lucerne World Theatre Company in which Pilu returns the Mount Pilatus, we obviously had to take her up to visit her dragon friend in his new Dragon World.

As usual the trip up is so pleasant, a great opportunity to admire our beautiful landscape. Up on the top of the mountain it was on to the Dragon Path which in the summer is open all the way around, and then into the Dragon World. Although quite small, there are loads of interactive events to keep small (and big) kids occupied. The Dragon Flight is loads of fun, even if someone in the team did manage to crash the dragon within 20 seconds of starting the game! It takes practice to fly a dragon!

The Sunday Brunch was unfortunately (for us) fully booked, but we were quickly cheered up by the fact that the self-service cuisine was delicious, and with an amazing view of the mountains whilst we ate we all felt like we had a fun and relying outing to our favourite mountain!

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