Buzz off! Dealing with wasps

This exceptionally hot summer is not only bringing positive things to the environment, the first problem is drought conditions which means that it is forbidden to barbeque in forests or their immediate surroundings (except in Zug); the second is that wasps are more active than usual. Not only are there more nest being reported to the Luzern Oko Forum, but the hospitals are getting a lot more visits from people who gave been stung and have an allergic reaction.If oyu need to have wasp nest removed, contact your landlord, the Luzern Öko Forum (041 312 32 32) if it can be relocated or the fire brigade (118 or 041 208 88 18) if it is in a hard to reach place.

Here are some tips on how to deal with wasps, especially if you are eating outdoors.

Wasps are attracted to strong smells (like perfumed body lotions), sweat and panicked if you blow on them.

A good solution is to set up a wasp trap, take a plastic bottle cut it in half, fill the bottom half with a sugary liquid and put the top half, bottle neck down into the bottom half, make sure the bottle neck doesn’t touch the liquid, put this roughly 5 meters away from your table, wasps will be attracted to the liquid, fall in and not be able to get out again.

You can also put a plate with some meat or a juicy fruit out at the same distance about 5 minutes before you plan on eating outdoors.

Wasps do not like the smell of lavender or of burning coffee, I put a half crescent of coffee powder on a small plate and light it, the smoke will keep them away.

If drinking from a can, be sure to drink through a straw.

Squirt wasps with water, they might think it’s raining and go away (not sure about this one!).

If you have been stung by a wasp, apply a soothing cream like Fenipic and apply a cooling pack on the sting to help with the pain. If the swelling is big use a cream with cortison or anti-histamin, if you experience difficulty breathing or palpitations go to the doctor’s or emergency ward immediately, if you have been stung in the mouth do the same.

As soon as the temperatures drop wasps will become less active, so patience it’s bound to get better soon!


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