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Today Switzerland voted on several motions and 59% of the voting population turned up at the urns. You can read up on the content of the motions in these two posts: The Begrenzungsinitiative explained, The Other Referendums explained. The results are: The Limited Immigration - Begrenzungsinitiative. Once more the SVP saw their efforts to put an end to the EU/Swiss alliance thwarted. As nearly 62% of voters rejected their motion. Europeans will continue to be allowed to travel and work here without major impediments. The Hunting Initiative This initiative was rejected by 51,9%, meaning that wolves, lynx and bears cannot be hunted with impunity. Paternity Leave 60,3% of voters approved the right for fathers to take 2 weeks paid leave with the birth of every child. New Military

For those of us who have opted for a staycation, good news, the weather is

Switzerland and chocolate is a long love affair. The country became a big player in the

Chestnuts Chestnuts are a Swiss staple at this time of year and can be enjoyed

First your eyes begin to itch, then your nose is runny and before you know

When we talk about fish, we automatically have some dishes in mind: "Blue trout", "baked

A concept which was initiated in Southern Italy over a hundred years ago is making

Switzerland is know for its watches, chocolates and cheeses. But did you know it also

I must admit I didn't know what to expect when I headed to the Swiss

When I planned to visit the Swiss Museum of Transport I did not know what

It is not the first time we are writing about the transport museum which is

Editors Note: This post was updated on 14/1/2014 I recently found out about the Swiss Museum

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In just a few days, Luzern’s very own county fair, the Lozärner Määs will begin! From

With children back at school and the weather getting cooler, the time is approaching for

Every autumn, all over the Alps, farmers go through the same process, having taken their

Fasnacht, known as the fifth season, is a very special time in Luzern. Over the

With gun control being in the headlines again we thought we‘d take a look at

This Sunday marked the first Sunday of Advent, so it is now completely acceptable to

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On the 27th of September the Swiss population will be called back to the urns

With salaries higher than in most countries, Switzerland seems like the dream destination where it

The Lili Centre turned four this past June and we would like to invite you

As of June 25, Switzerland has its own proximity tracing app and at the time

Today the government has announced the following: as the daily numbers of cases have fallen

The government has announced that as of June 15 it will open its borders to

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