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Last week we wrote about this Sunday's referendum and now the results are in. The people have spoken and for now there will be no new metro in the city of Lucerne to help alleviate the traffic. 46% of the population turned up to vote and 58% of them said no the this initiative. Nationally the motion to put an end to discrimination based on sexual orientation has been approved by a large percentage of the population (64%). The other national referendum was to make it compulsory for 10% of new builds to be social lodging. This was voted down by 58% of the voters. The next votation will take place on May 17.

When we talk about fish, we automatically have some dishes in mind: "Blue trout", "baked

A concept which was initiated in Southern Italy over a hundred years ago is making

Widely considered to be a Swiss national dish the humble Rösti (pronounced, rer-shtee) was originally

Living in a city that isn't that focused on coffee isn't necessarily a bad thing,

We are back - the second tip! Here is another Holiday Wellness Tip to keep

This Sunday marked the first Sunday of Advent, so it is now completely acceptable to

Switzerland is know for its watches, chocolates and cheeses. But did you know it also

I must admit I didn't know what to expect when I headed to the Swiss

When I planned to visit the Swiss Museum of Transport I did not know what

It is not the first time we are writing about the transport museum which is

Editors Note: This post was updated on 14/1/2014 I recently found out about the Swiss Museum

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With children back at school and the weather getting cooler, the time is approaching for

Every autumn, all over the Alps, farmers go through the same process, having taken their

Fasnacht, known as the fifth season, is a very special time in Luzern. Over the

With gun control being in the headlines again we thought we‘d take a look at

This Sunday marked the first Sunday of Advent, so it is now completely acceptable to

The Swiss are embracing Halloween with great glee, but do not be fooled just because

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As a special treat we have picked events for each day leading up to Christmas

Christmas is less than a month away! In this time of heightened consumerism it is

There is a saying regarding tires in Switzerland: “Von O bis O”, meaning that winter

If you are new to Lucerne and haven't experienced winter here you might be in

One of the greatest pleasures of living here is that we are surrounded by great

Here are the details and prizes from our gala.

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