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For those of us who have opted for a staycation, good news, the weather is

Switzerland and chocolate is a long love affair. The country became a big player in the

Chestnuts Chestnuts are a Swiss staple at this time of year and can be enjoyed

First your eyes begin to itch, then your nose is runny and before you know

When we talk about fish, we automatically have some dishes in mind: "Blue trout", "baked

A concept which was initiated in Southern Italy over a hundred years ago is making

Switzerland is know for its watches, chocolates and cheeses. But did you know it also

I must admit I didn't know what to expect when I headed to the Swiss

When I planned to visit the Swiss Museum of Transport I did not know what

It is not the first time we are writing about the transport museum which is

Editors Note: This post was updated on 14/1/2014 I recently found out about the Swiss Museum

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From November 3rd until December 8 the streets will resonate to the sound of whips

In just a few days, Luzern’s very own county fair, the Lozärner Määs will begin! From

With children back at school and the weather getting cooler, the time is approaching for

Every autumn, all over the Alps, farmers go through the same process, having taken their

Fasnacht, known as the fifth season, is a very special time in Luzern. Over the

With gun control being in the headlines again we thought we‘d take a look at

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As we head into autumn, the days shorten, the air cools and we just feels

Today Switzerland voted on several motions and 59% of the voting population turned up at

This Sunday September 27 is going to be a busy day at the urns. Not

On Saturday September 27 the nation will be voting on 5 different topics. We covered the

The average positive tests for the last seven days is at 369 new cases, that

With numbers of covid-19 cases on the rise and the cold/flu season already on the

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