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For most of us Easter will be a staycation again this year, but with good weather and warm temperatures there still are plenty of things to do. For people wishing to celebrate the Christian meaning of Easter in English the International Church of Lucerne is offering the following: 2nd April Good Friday  Outreach Service 10:30am4th April  Easter Sunday: 10:30am Easter Sunday Celebration . All invited to wear something from your home nation.Please register for services on website The Catholic English Church of Lucerne will have their Holy Week services: Holy Thursday (April 1): 5.30 p.m.Good Friday (April 2): 3 p.m.Easter Vigil (April3): 6.30 p.m. For many Easter is more about celebrating the renewal of spring and includes lots of chocolate and family outings here are

Switzerland and chocolate is a long love affair. The country became a big player in the

As we head into autumn, the days shorten, the air cools and we just feels

Did you know that nearly 150 years ago the first mountain railway in Europe departed

This month is when life is supposed to slowly return to normal. At the LiLi

It’s officially springtime! The sun is shining, the air warm, the time has changed

In just a few days, Luzern’s very own county fair, the Lozärner Määs will begin! From

It has been a while since our Yzzy from"Easy with Yzzy" visited the Pilatus Mountain.

By Sally Paterson. The delight of finding somewhere undiscovered is tempered only by the need

Lil Partner | Swiss Transport Museum  The Swiss Museum of Transport is an exciting and interest-packed

Summer in Lucerne means that one day we have brilliant sunshine and stifling heat, the

Charlie Chaplin fans rejoice, this weekend sees the opening of the long awaited museum dedicated

When I first came to Switzerland I organised a home school coop called 'S H

Here are the details and prizes from our gala.

Although the LiLi Centre is the spiritual home of Living in Luzern, other venues exist

When it comes to music Luzern offers quite a varied LIVE music scene in comparison

This year Christmas will feel different for everyone, in fact it may be the first

Did you know that nearly 150 years ago the first mountain railway in Europe departed

On Thursday February 20, Lucerne will enter its fifth season: Fasnacht. Here we share where

Fasnacht is nearly upon us, and by now you must have noticed the masks and

As a special treat we have picked events for each day leading up to Christmas

Christmas is less than a month away! In this time of heightened consumerism it is

The Lucerne World Theatre Company was created in 2011 with the aim of bringing theatre

The Lucerne World Theatre Company came home yesterday from the 4 day FEATS festival in

For most of us Easter will be a staycation again this year, but with good

The department of health has finally published their conclusion as to which masks are deemed

The upcoming referendums contain controversial topics which have been keeping the press and politicians very

Fasnacht is nearly upon us and one way we can celebrate safely is by enjoying

Fasnacht is known as Lucerne's fifth season, it is a time when the whole town

Whether you made it back "home" or are enjoying a staycation we want to wish

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