Creating a Business Has No Age Limits

Kathy Patellis writes:

Creating a business is possible at any age. In fact, it is a great way to reignite your passion in something and reconnect with yourself. My business and I are proof exciting new experiences await those who are brave enough to try.

For me, my love of fashion started at a young age.

My mother was a fabulous seamstress. She was sent from her village in Greece to Athens as a young girl to study with someone who would have been similar to a Couture seamstress now.

I would walk into my mother’s atelier and it was a magical place to play and touch beautiful and intricate fabrics.

Growing up, my Barbie dolls were all immaculately dressed and resembled Oscar De La Renta models

My love for fashion continued to grow and I studied Fashion Merchandising and Design and later also Interior Design.

Europe was where I always wanted to live. I used to travel lots and I always loved spending time in Europe. I loved the way of life, the oldness of the cities, the long lunches and how Europeans seem passionate about living their lives. When I met my husband, who at the time was living between Malta and Switzerland, I soon moved and never looked back. We live in Switzerland permanently now.  Literally, I live a couple of hours from Italy, France and Germany.  We can hop in the car and go for lunch in another country and experience a whole new culture.  It is quite incredible and I am always in awe of the fact as Canada is a huge country and it takes a whole day just to travel across one province.

There is No Age Limit On Creating A Business

My motivation to start my own business came later in life, after my daughter became independent. I suddenly realized I wanted to do something for myself, something that would make me really happy and involve one of my loves…. Fashion.

Two years ago I started by creating an online Designer Consignment Boutique buying and selling pre-owned, authentic Designer Handbags, Accessories and Jewelry.

I believe there is NO age limit to what we can do.  Creating a business provides you with the opportunity to continue to learn and be inspired. More importantly, it is fun!

It is true, I am not sure I realized how much work, determination, responsibility and energy it takes to have your own business. I wasn’t scared to try, but when I started getting more clients and had to show up and talk about my expertise, I was definitely out of my comfort zone.

Developing your own business is not easy to do because you have to be marketing yourself in so many ways. On one side you have the digital marketing and the other the networking and face to face marketing. You never know what works best until you try everything. One is more effective in some circumstances and the other is more appropriate in a different situation.

What has worked most for me is creating a reputation online. Then getting out there and connecting with other women face to face. Women, I find, are a great resource for each other to draw on.

Mastermind groups are a great hub of innovative ideas and you should consider getting involved in one. Having a mentor helps as well as networking where your target audience is. You really have to know your client and brand yourself and your work.

Be Open to New Directions in Your Business

My business continues to grow and evolve. This last year I found myself in the beautiful 19th century Gütsch castle in Luzern doing a styling session and photo shoot. It was such a wonderful experience in a gorgeous place.

Now my business also includes Personal Styling, Image Consulting and Closet Detoxing. I help women of all ages and stages of their life, explore fashion and dress with ease confidence and style. Imagine the fun of spending an afternoon with women styling, pampering and drinking Prosecco. I love helping  women discover the value of themselves, the importance of a modern image and find their own personal style which helps them build an impactful presence.

For me it is not just about taking woman shopping. I work with women who are  returning to work after a long absence, perhaps after raising a family or who have been on maternity leave or women who feel insecure about themselves and their look and need a change. I try to work with what women already have existing in their closets to create new looks and identify a Capsule wardrobe for them that can take them through the week and then through the weekend.

For me the best part of my job is how life changing this experience is for women. The change starts on the inside and becomes evident on the outside. Clients feel more self-assured and confident once complete. This gives me great pleasure. It’s a gift they keep long after I leave.

You will find many beautiful items and more information at Style-Etc Boutique.

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Kathy Patellis-Schmidt

If you are interested in starting your own company this website is a great resource: Startup

…and if you are looking to meet kindred spirits the LiLi Centre has its co-working day on Thursdays.

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