Coronavirus Financial Compensation

The government has unblocked billions of francs to help people who are facing financial hardship due to the confinement rulings put in place. We explain who is entitled to compensation and how to get it:

Who is entitled to compensation?

  • Parents of children under the age of 12 who have had to stop work in order to look after their children.
  • Persons placed in quarantine who have to interrupt their gainful activity.
  • Self-employed persons who suffer a loss of income as a result of the cessation of their activity ordered by the Federal Council or the ban on demonstrations.
  • Self-employed artists whose engagements have been cancelled or who have had to cancel their own events.

Compensation for parents

Parents of children under the age of 12 who have to interrupt their gainful activity because the care of their children by third parties is no longer provided are entitled to the allowance if, at the time of the interruption of their gainful activity: They are insured with the AHV (this implies that they are domiciled or gainfully employed in Switzerland); and they are engaged in paid employment or self-employment.

If you are able to do your work via home office then there is no compensation. Compensation begins from March 20. Self-employed people are allowed 30 days of compensation.

The amount compensated is 80% of your usual revenue but is maxed out at CHF 196.- per day.

Although both parents are technically allowed to each apply for compensation only one will be paid out as one parent is considered enough to look after a child/ren.

The money is not given automatically, it is up to each person to apply at their local AHV office for compensation. An online form will be available in the coming days. Here is the Luzern AHV form.

Compensation for people in quarantine

If you are unable to work because of being in quarantine and cannot do your job via home office then you are entitled to being compensated. Compensation will be a maximum of 80% of your daily salary to a maximum of CHF 196.- per day. You are entitled to a maximum of 10 days compensation.

Compensation for self employed people

People who are self-employed in the following branches and who are unable to work due to the current restrictions are entitled to compensation:

( Shops and markets; restaurant businesses; bars and discos, night clubs and erotic businesses; entertainment and leisure facilities, namely museums, libraries, cinemas, concert halls, theatres, casinos, sports centres, fitness centres, swimming pools, wellness centres, ski resorts, botanical and zoological gardens and zoos; establishments offering personalised services with physical contact such as hairdressers, massages, tattoo studios and cosmetics. )

You are allow to apply for compensation from March 17th if that is when your business was affected.

You are entitled for compensation until the restrictions are lifted.

Just like the two previous cases, you are entitled to 80% of your usual revenue, but it is maxed at CHF 196.- per day.

If you are already receiving money from another insurance or social service then you are not eligible for this compensation.

You will need to apply at your AHV office who should be putting an online form in the coming days. Here is the Luzern AHV form.

Independent artists and border workers are also entitled to compensation with the same conditions as above.

Financial Difficulties

If you are struggling to pay your social costs please contact your local AHV to organise a special payment solution with them. This is the general AHV website.

Source Federal Social Insurance Office

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