Commuting: how to pick the right train travel card…

Commuting… Pendeln… Faire la navette… In any language, ‘commuting’ can sound tiring and difficult. Long words to express long hours spent every year on trains or in a car to travel to work. Every day around 4’000’000 workers travel an average of 27 minutes to work and 1 commuter out of 10 over an hour. Lucerners tend to commute to Zurich, Zug, Bern or Basel.

According to SRF, if many commuters still prefer to drive to work, 619’000 trust SBB every day to bring them to work. We have to admit that in Switzerland, it is very easy and convenient: trains and buses are rarely late and connecting trains are very well organized. Even though this option remains expensive and will unfortunately gets even more expensive, it does have its perks: no stress from being stuck in traffic jams, you can just sit down, relax, read and enjoy the beautiful scenery during your train journey.

SBB and its regional partners offer the commuters different options:

  • If you extensively travel for work and during your free time, you will probably need a SBB GA travel card. This entitles you to ride trains, subways and trams and you also get discounts on cable cars and boats.
  • If you travel from one region to another, an inter-regional travel card might be the right choice for you. This entitles to drive you from home to work and two fare network zones are included.
  • If you mostly use trains and buses to commute and only make the same journey, you might want to look into a SBB Point-to-point travel pass.
  • If you only commute on urban transport services, a regional travel card (passe-partout for Luzern) might be the answer.

If the point-to-point and passe-partout passes do not require any minimal commitment, for a monthly GA travel card, you will need to commit for at least 4 months.

You are now ready to commute to work! Happy commuting!

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