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Co-working D4 space – creative space for the business meetings

On Thursday we had an opportunity to explore the new CoworkingD4 space in the D4 business village Luzern. We were surprised about not only really thoughtfully prepared spaces for work, but also a cozy area for meetings, chatting about business or simply have a cup of coffee. Absolutely Working Spa space for brains.

The CoworkingD4 team explains that the new workplace “Coworking @ D4” was created specifically for business people, small and bigger companies, freelancers and startups. Here you can work not only as a freelancer but also set up meetings, workshops, conferences, specific events. Space holds the 32 workstations and four meeting rooms, and what special about the space it is really created to offer an area for creative ideas, concentrated work, and at the same time stimulating conversations.

During the “Open day” we enjoyed the piano performer Patrick Greiner, and talented caricaturist Agnes Avagyan; also they thoughtfully had made one bite snacks and drinks! It was interesting to meet a lot of different people from different areas of the business, but as we understood – this space is all about collaborations, growth, and creativity.

In the evening program, we had an opportunity to listen to Dr. Annina Coradi’s presentation about innovative potential of co-working for healthy and efficient knowledge workers.

In all, the Open day and event were thoughtfully presented and it was lovely to be able to try out space!

More information about the space CoworkingD4

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