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On Thursday February 20, Lucerne will enter its fifth season: Fasnacht. Here we share where and when to be to make the most of this unique time of the year. We've put all the essentials into this post so that you can make the most of this exciting time. Parades There are parades planned on each day. If you are going to watch one a word of advice, make sure your feet are extra warm, you will end up standing outdoors watching over 40 floats go by, each with its own allocated Guggermusic band. Also be sure to bring a goodie bag as sweets, chocolates and fruits may very well fly your way! The official parades are on Thursday and Monday afternoons. They

We know that one of the first cultural shock when moving to Switzerland is working

Armin Gilg, Attorney at Law at Studhalter & Pfister Rechtsanwälte AG, writes on the topic. What

Moving to a new country requires more than just bringing and unpacking your

Well, there is an active LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Queer) community with various offerings.

Alemania Language school Angie Gisler English Language Centre Berlitz Language School Migros Klubschule

Welcome, Herzlich Willkommen and Grüezi in your new home, Switzerland! It’s amazing, right? The beautiful

Given the rise of anti-immigration sentiment and populism that is currently on the march in

Whether you are a newcomer or have been living in Lucerne for a while the

Here is a scoop, the month of March will be the only month until this

Immigration is on the rise, whereas 5 years ago the wave of immigrants came from

Back in June we celebrated three years of the LiLi Centre being open and serving

By now you should be well familiar with the fact that you are in the

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