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June is Pride month in most countries around the world, including Switzerland, and although it is now behind us the misinformation and challenges continue. Pride month in Switzerland is generally known for the large and colourful parade held by the LGBTQIA+ community in Zürich every year. This year, over the weekend of 17-18 June, the Zürich Pride Festival was held, culminating with a parade on Saturday afternoon, through downtown Zurich, with almost 90 participating organisations and associations and 40,000 participants. It is the biggest and most successful queer parade in Switzerland and marked a return to publicly highlighting the need for tolerance, inclusivity and acceptance. Although the parade is successful in this endeavour, the recognition and success of Pride month needs

This Sunday the Swiss will be voting on 4 national referendums and the citizen of

Well, there is an active LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Queer) community with various offerings.

Moving to a new country requires more than just bringing and unpacking your

We know that one of the first cultural shock when moving to Switzerland is working

We all know that living in Switzerland is expensive but there are ways of saving

Fasnacht 2020 will start on February 20. We've been giving you tips these past few

Back in June we celebrated three years of the LiLi Centre being open and serving

We hope that you enjoyed the summer weather and whether you went abroad or had

We say over and over again that the centre can only be run with the

Anna’s main volunteer role at The LiLi Centre is as Executive Assistant to Managing Director,

Lina has been with The LiLi Centre from the beginning. It began six years ago

Here is a scoop, the month of March will be the only month until this

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