Christmas Services in English in the region

Christmas Services

For those who want to celebrate Christmas with a church service there are several services in English to be enjoyed in Lucerne, Zug and Zürich. Although Christmas is much more today, it is at heart a celebration of the birth of Jesus, and for many it is the only time of the year they go to church.


The International Church of Lucerne has a Christmas Sunday service at 10.30 and a special Christmas Eve service from 23.00 with a one hour Candlelight service with traditional readings and carols. Here is the link to the ICL website.

The Catholic English Community Luzern now offers services in English at the St Peter’s chapel on Saturdays at 17.30 but not on the 23rd There will be a Christmas Eve vigil at 19.30 on 24 December.

The St. Leodegar Hofkirche will be celebrating a family Christmas eve service at 17.30 followed midnight mass at 23:00 until midnight and has several services scheduled for Christmas Day.


The Lift International Church of Zug will have a Christmas Eve service on Monday 24 December at 18:00 until 19:00.

The Good Shepherd Catholic Church also has an English service on Sundays at 18.00 and will be having a Christmas Mass service on the 25th at 11.30.


The Anglican Church, St Andrew’s Church, have their main service on Sundays at 10.30 and will have a Christmas Eve service at 10.30 and at 22.00 and a Christmas Day service at 10.30.

The International Protestant Church have a Christmas Eve service at 15.00.

If you want to find out which church offers which service (in German) and when, then go to this website.

Merry Christmas everyone!

New Year’s Celebration

Don’t miss the traditional New Year’s firework display over Lucerne bay, which is expected to take place at 20.15 on 1 January.

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