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Christmas Markets in Lucerne

Christmas is less than a month away! In this time of heightened consumerism it is so much nicer to go local with your gifting, so here are some local markets for you to enjoy.

Until December 23. : Rudolf Weihnachtsmarkt

The Rudolf Christmas Market will take place at the Inseli Quai and will be mainly a food market, with a Fondue Chalet, and stands offering cured meats, crepes or gin drinks. Cozy Yurts will be places to stay warm and watch cultural events. More details here.

December 2 to 21: Lözaner Market at Franziskanerplatz

This is Lucerne’s iconic market. A place to meander through the stall buy your glass of Glühwein have a piece of garlic bread and listen to the various groups singins Christmas carols. More info here.

December 4 to 22: The Craft Market

Taking place on weekends, this market is filled with stands selling beautiful homemade crafted goods, from hand blown glass trinkets to embroidered presents, you will have the advantage of offering something unique and local.

December 5 to 12: Schweizerhof Hotel Christmas Market

Enjoy an indoor market in a luxurious setting. Lots of local vendors are present. Open from 10 to 18.30.

December 16 to 23: The Christmas Tree Market

This market which is the oldest Christmas Tree market in Switzerland takes place in several venues, the Schweizerhofquai, the Nationalquai but also the Helvetiaplatz and the Bellerive Heights. The trees are grown locally. it is usually open from 9 to 19.

November 23 to December 23: Candle Making in Vögeligarten

This place is a Lucerne tradition, children have been making their own candles here for decades. It is a fun present to make and enjoy and there is more, glühwein and numerous stands sells goods there. The market opens daily at 11.

December 4 to 18 LiLi Centre Pop-Up Market

Support 15 local small businesses offering wares from local crafted beers, chutneys, spices, cookies to wooden accessories, bags and much more. More information here. Open during centre operating hours (9 to 13). Saturday December 4. grand opening the market will be open from 12 to 17.

December 16 to 19: Venite Market

This year will again take shape as lunchtime concerts in the St Peter Chapel. More details here.

Charlie Hartmann is the managing director of the Livingin organisation which focuses on helping international residents connect, grow and thrive in Switzerland.