Christmas Giving – Charities to support

Here comes Christmas and the season to enjoy our family, friends and share love and happiness. It also is a great time to support charities and share a bit of our good fortune with others.

Here is a list of great charities run by locals you could help.


We have been supporting this project since its creation. The founder is Greek but has been living in Luzern for many years. She has a huge heart and so much courage to tackle the injustices faced by people fleeing wars and being treated as less than human. These are the latest projects they are supporting:

This year we are concentrating in emergency provision to the islands, as the situation has changed dramatically, since many big NGOs have pulled out as their funding stopped this summer. At the same time refugees and migrants who continue arriving on the islands are mostly stuck there (only very few and very vulnerable are moved to the mainland), resulting in the existing camps being overcrowded and the living conditions extremely difficult.

So this year we will concentrate on bringing Diapers and baby milk to Chios and Lesvos islands, where more than 1500 children reside in camps. They will then be distributed by our partners on the islands. Just as an indication, CHF3 would buy about 20 diapers or two day’s worth of milk.

Alternatively, we are also looking to support the Sam Sam team on Chios, who has been running creative activities for the children in the camps. We will provide them with materials. They have been running out of materials and have reached out for help. They are about 500 children in the camp. We recently sent them colouring pens, but it would be fantastic if we could send them more as well as drawing paper and some balloons and bubbles for the children! Of course in an emergency situation these things are not the life savers, but they will bring many smiles and feed a little bit the souls of these children, so we do think they are very important too. To give you an idea, CHF 3 will buy a full box of 30 colouring pens, or 50 balloons, or 6 bottles of bubbles, and CHF5 will get a roll of 30meters drawing paper, so even small donations will go a long way.

NMW buys all materials locally to help the local economy that has been struggling too. 100% of the donated funds go directly to purchase of aid.

You can find out about the projects they are currently supporting by going to their website or Facebook page.

Let’s Share:

Nora Angst has been fighting tirelessly for the rights of widows and children in India for years. Through sheer willpower she has managed to have schools built to house and educate orphans. Helped widows learn trades to make a living or gets fund for life changing operations. You can find out more about her charity here.


If you would rather support charities that are active locally then you could support:

Aladdin Stiftung

This charity helps severely sick children and their families. They offer camps for the children, or give physical support to the parents amongst other things. Find out more here.

The Frauenhaus Luzern

Is an essential institution helping women and children flee from domestic violence. The work they do to give these women and their children shelter and help them get back on their feet is essential. You can help by giving money, they do sometimes also need basic household equipments, but you would need to contact them to find out more. In any case check their website out for more information.

Jeder Rappen Zählt

Is an initiative which was launched by the radio channel SRF 3. They set up camp in a glass box in front of the KKL and broadcast non stop from there for over 1 week. This year all funds will go towards helping educate children in conflict zones. They invite people to launch their own initiatives to collect money which you can then take directly to glassbox on Europaplatz from December 15 to 21. Find out more here.

Of course this is in no way an exhaustive list of all charities out there, but hopefully these will have inspired you to give a bit!

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