What a party! LiLi Centre 3rd anniversary

Last Saturday the LiLi Centre celebrated its 3rd birthday. It certainly is a milestone to celebrate, as when we started the centre we had no way of knowing how successful we would be. It is now clear beyond a doubt that the centre has become an essential part of the integration process in central Switzerland. We serve the silent majority, the people who immigrate to Switzerland to study, work or out of love and who now make up over 25% of the local population. Like any segment of society, immigrants face challenges and difficulties and we are here to help. Whether it is looking for work, understanding the Swiss system or facing a mental health crisis we offer a safe space where people can be themselves, ask questions and get help or advice.

The centre has the particularity that it is entirely run by volunteers and this offers challenges of its own, we can only be as good as the people who help out. Which is why we want to give a big shout out and thank you to the people who put their names down to volunteer throughout the year. THANK YOU, without you the centre wouldn’t be able to exist.

Last Saturday was no exception and we would like to take the time to thank all involved in making the day a success:

Our bagel breakfast featured delicious bagels donated by our partner Melissa’s Kitchen. Thank you the bagels were delicious and Melissa’s Kitchen is a great place to go for Sunday Brunch (but book in advance).

Iona was on hand to offer a fitness class, she will be offering this regularly in our upcoming programmes. It is never too late to vow to get fit.

Gerda who runs our swimming class went above and beyond offering first an outdoor yoga class, then swimming then fabulous Thai Massages.

Anita is our newcomer beautician and physiotherapist. People were thrilled to get a mini facial and/or massage at her hands.

Joanna from HSK Lucerne English School ran the kids programme. Thank you for your dedication the kids had a great time!

The Alliance Française game of pétanque got everyone in the mood for holidays. Merci!!

Rosanne from Zero Waste Lucerne was at hand for giving people tips on how best to reuse, reduce and recycle! Thank you for taking the time to come and be a part of the celebration

Tim from Sutton Beers spent the day pouring pints out of his fabulous beers. The perfect refreshing drink to keep everyone happy.

Lunch was a great team effort, thanks to Veronika, Amanda, Lina for the “system”! The Pulled Pork sandwiches were a hit!

Angela from Cakelicious made delicious cupcakes and cookies and, for those who wanted, there even was the opportunity to decorate their own cupcakes, and then eat their creations.

Laura’s coding for adults was loads of fun, I just wish I was any good at playing the game I created!!

Rolf and Johann were stellar Quidditch Captains. We all loved watching you and the kids being wizards.

The Lucerne World Theatre Company put on some great sketches. Thanks for the laughs!

Dinner was Brazilian and amazing!! Thank you so much Laura and Stefan for putting on the most delicious BBQ. Stefan even stood out in the rain getting those brochettes just right! And Caiparinhas are deliciously lethal!

Finally a big big SHOUT OUT to our core team who went above and beyond! Sebi you held the fort at the bar fabulously, Lina you are a true “Jack-of-all-trades” and your mum was a great help. Our beloved Strategic Volunteering student Niracha Didi Ruegsawat for being part of the media team and capturing birthday moments. Amanda from painting our patio furniture, to serving up lunch and performing in the plays you are a mulit talented power house. Marco was our shining in house tech!

Thank you everyone who came to take part in the festivities for helping us to have the most amazing day and long live the LiLi Centre!!

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